Monday, April 18, 2016

Cheap Wall Canvas Art

Hai Let's Letter - Local Utah Designer

Hai Let's Letter is composed of a local Utah Designer. Check out some of her designs she has recently created to present some cheap wall canvas art for the home, especially for her home. I hope you find something that catches your eye. You can find more of Hailee's designs on Pinterest.

1. LDS Apostle  Quotes

cheap wall canvas art
Use a notebook to help you sketch out your ideas. Gathering quotes from General Conference or other forms of entertainment can help come up with some good content.

2. LDS Children’s Song Lyrics

cheap wall canvas art
Find your inner child and use lyrics from when you were little. It will make for a good blast from the past as well as great cheap wall canvas art.

3. Famous Quotes

cheap wall canvas art
Famous quotes are easy to find on the web, so search for your favorite artist, actor, inspirational person and use their quote for a simple black and white art canvas design.

4. Inspirational Quotes

cheap wall canvas art
Add any quote that motivates or inspires you, that way when you see the canvas art on your wall, you will remember that quote all throughout the day.

5. Love Quotes

cheap wall canvas art
Forget about putting those sappy love quotes on Instagram when you can use them on a cheap wall art canvas that you can place in your home for your significant other to see every day! Not just for a few hours.

6. Scriptures

cheap wall canvas art
Scriptures are an easy find for creating a beautiful canvas. Easily frame and enlighten the people who come in to your home with this classy print.